knowers and learners – what are you

knowers and learners are entirely different and in this topic lets learn who they are and how they are different

once upon a time there were two people known as Harry and Garry

harry used to know everything or he acts like he knows everything how things work and what happens behind the scenes of any process whereas Garry was a learner he  used to learn everything even if he knows something about it

Garry never used to fake anything like he knows everything

The main difference between  Garry and Harry is, Harry used to impose his ideas and his opinions to fake that he knows that thing better than everyone else and he never agrees with others opinions

On the other side, Garry used to learn even if he was not good at anything

Now I assume you might have figured out how different they are

learners advantage

By the above story if you are like Garry then this story is for you

  • you can always create a room for your learning process
  • you could be influenced by people who know better than you
  • one can always be better at things you were not

knowers advantage

  • you get to defend your ideas
  • one will get an  opportunity to prove his expertise
  • you can fight for your dominant trait
  • you can address


     aspects in any tough situation

knowers behave like

what I’m doing is absolutely right

what I know could never be wrong

I don’t need any others to help

There is only one right answer and that is mine, if you disagree then you are probably wrong

They are in trouble if they don’t know something

They come up with fake examples and fake conclusions

learners behave as if

I can learn more

If I work hard nothing is impossible

They have gratitude

There is no right answer we think differently and we approach our conclusions in a different perspectives

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