selling anything to anyone is not easy

Buyers are not as naive as they were ūüôā

selling anything to anyone needs smart work

firstly you need to understand, why people would buy anything? 

people just don’t¬†buy things randomly they are not fools¬† they are getting more better at making decisions every day

you need to know that there are 3 kinds of buyers yeah exactly! 3 types

Spendthrifts:¬† ¬†are the people who buy¬†anything, they don’t think about their savings or other things

spendthrifts¬† are¬† like¬† ¬† ¬†”¬† they¬† will buy anything as long as they¬† have money in their¬†¬†pocket ” and¬† these kind of people are the ones who can be¬† easily fooled by anyone

Tightwads: this kind of people are the real nightmare for marketing people, they are the most challenging type for any salesperson they love their money hiding in their pockets or they feel that money must be rotting in their  bank accounts

Average spenders :  this kind of buyers are intelligent ones they take their time to make decisions and they buy something only if it meets their requirements, standards, and if it is affordable         customers always go through a road called  buyers journey before they buy anything, so the seller must be  someone who should guide them in their journey towards their Goal (product/service quest )

before selling anything to anyone  understand buyers  journey

  • ¬†buyer is¬† ¬†Interested to buy something:
  • ¬†They try to gather information
  • ¬†They try to seek options that are available
  • Finally, they make a purchase decision

let us take Charles  as an example

charles got summer vacation and now Charles wants to go to a beach (interest to go somewhere is generated )

he searches on the internet and few results are generated( he tried to gain some information )

out of which he chooses to go to the nearby  beach because it is affordable (he chooses one out of other options  )

hence he books a train ticket and visits that beach  (he made a purchase )

try to add value for buyers journey

  • To sell anything¬† firstly¬† ¬†help buyers in their customer¬†journey
  • Try to relate how your product will help them to cure their problem
  • Tell them a story which relates to their¬† situation
  • Explain them in a CAR module¬† ¬†context action result based module
  • Let buyers¬† experience your product
  • At last, make them the hero of your story

If you follow the above steps you can sell anything to anyone successfully

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